Team for hospital care of complex internal medicine

PD Dr. med. Franco Salomon

Dr. med. Barbara Himmelmann

KD Dr. med. Véronique Müller

Rietstrasse 38

24 h Mobile

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+ 41 (0) 79 725 66 66

+ 41 (0) 44 363 25 02

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Personal service and continuity around the clock


We provide comprehensive diagnosis and personal care around the clock 365 days a year.


We are responsible from registration to discharge. We consider timely information and collegial communication with primary care physicians and specialists most important for a high degree of continuity of treatment and care.


We guarantee personalized, complete and appropriate patient treatment and care.

Individual and patient-centered team of specialists


We provide for short, efficient and need-based diagnostic evaluation and treatments.


Based on individual needs, we complement our team with further first-class specialists for optimal treatment and support.


As generalists and leader of the team we are responsible for the coordination of all involved physicians as well as the integration of the treatment methods.