Team for hospital care of complex internal medicine

PD Dr. med. Franco Salomon

Dr. med. Barbara Himmelmann

KD Dr. med. Véronique Müller

Rietstrasse 38

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Your treating physician takes the decision for the need of a hospital stay and the contact with our team. The admission  to the hospital will be organized.


Patients we already know can contact us directly in case of emergencies.





Typical course of hospitalization


  • Personal admission by a member of our team of all patients at any time
  • Examination and diagnostic investigations
  • Discussion and clarification of the test results and review of the treatment plan
  • Daily rounds (also on weekends and holidays) with discussion of the incoming results and adjustment of the treatment
  • 24-hour availability for problems and questions concerning our patients
  • Discharge discussion
  • Discharge report to the treating physicians within 2 working days

Outpatients, outpatient care


We only care for the patients during the hospital stay. We do not offer an outpatient care.


Outpatient care is provided by the family physician or, if required, by a specialist.